A recent (romantic) experience!!!


Oh my God. I might have met the one. Ticks the boxes. Says the right things and well the last week or so, was just amazing. Of course the list. Everyone has one 🤭. And he ticked most of the important boxes. Briefly, I will say he was tall, dark not handsome ( did you … Continue reading A recent (romantic) experience!!!

Journey to Healing Pt5 – A few lessons I learnt from the experience

In week 3, I believe, is when I finally received the final bill from the hospital💀 It was a big bill😱. Close to 100k (faints). How I asked? Let me paint you a picture... The surgery was a myomectomy. I was in hospital for 4 days. I had to be put under anaesthesia. I was … Continue reading Journey to Healing Pt5 – A few lessons I learnt from the experience

Journey to Healing Pt 4 – 3 weeks since surgery😁

Today marks 3 weeks post - surgery and what a roller coaster it has been. 🎢 Firstly, it's just after midnight and I can't sleep. Sleeping has been such a mission for me these past 3 weeks. It's not that I am not tired or sleepy but I just can't find a perfect position to … Continue reading Journey to Healing Pt 4 – 3 weeks since surgery😁

90 days 🎼

It's 4 o'clock in the morning..Oh shat!🤬It's only 6 days. What exactly did we expect. 🤦🏾I was so quick to notice his faults and not mine. So weird. Is it because I see myself better than him or it is just easier to see others fault and not your own. I think it's the latter. … Continue reading 90 days 🎼

How to Leave a Toxic Relationship… “My Guide”!

For those souls that missed it the first time. You owe it to yourself to be happy… 😉

The Lorrie Diaries (Love, Faith and Coffee)

“As I reached for the third bottle of wine, curled up in a corner of my then room at 2 in the afternoon on a Wednesday , that’s when I realized – something gotta give.

That realization took close to 2 years to fully come to life. I was in that relationship for less than 8 months but the damage it did followed me months later, when I got into another relationship that turned toxic. I won’t bore you with the full details. What I will say is that in one relationship I was the enabler and in the other I was the toxic one. Whatever the case maybe, the question is how do you leave? Here is what I learnt or observed and hopefully it helps someone. So shall we begin>>>

5 stages of Grieve

  • Denial – “nah this isn’t bad at all. Others have it worse…

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Note to Self: Don’t be consumed 🧘

Feelings and emotions will always come up that threaten your peace. That threaten your ability to conquer.They tell you, your head tells you - you didn't fight through that, you are not totally over that hurt and you haven't really forgiven yourself or that person.They weigh you down. They strip you of your joy. They … Continue reading Note to Self: Don’t be consumed 🧘

The Strong Independent Woman👑👸🏾

In honour of Women everywhere!! 💪🏾 Originally this post was supposed to be about my understanding of Strong Independent Women. But the last month, the year 2020 has taught me that my understanding is limited to my own experiences and being a strong women is more than an experience but a lifestyle. From reading Gabrielle … Continue reading The Strong Independent Woman👑👸🏾

This one’s for the ladies

Gaddamit, mother nature. Always on time (mostly) and always unannounced ( sometimes)😄 . Point is, the red moon, the monthly visit, that time of the month, the period, the blood bath, whatever you wanna call it, is the most amazing but unnecessary time of any woman's life 🙄. I wouldn't say I hate being on … Continue reading This one’s for the ladies

Memories 💭

Previously on the Lorrie Diaries, I mentioned a new style of writing which is unfamiliar to blogging (my definition of it that is), that I will be trying out. Well, here is the first of many posts of this new found voice. So happy reading.... 😖🙂 Last night, I stumbled on some old conversations with … Continue reading Memories 💭