A recent (romantic) experience!!!

Oh my God. I might have met the one. Ticks the boxes. Says the right things and well the last week or so, was just amazing. Of course the list. Everyone has one 🤭. And he ticked most of the important boxes. Briefly, I will say he was tall, dark not handsome ( did youContinue reading “A recent (romantic) experience!!!”

Untitled… (I write short posts too)✍️🏾

You need ask yourself – am I doing everything I could to go for that which I claim I want or am I just half assing . If you halfassing it, then ask yourself why, because there is a chance you could be playing yourself. Half assing means you not truly invested in that goalContinue reading “Untitled… (I write short posts too)✍️🏾”

You are all the you, you need!

We all the need the truth and there is no better way to hear it than to have straight from the horses mouth – Yourself 👊🏾

Then and Now!?

I have been trying to find the difference between Now and Then. The difference between why I said yes to Now but said no to Then. 🤔 The situation was exactly the same. The situation 1:2, in favor of Then. One being manageable. 2 being less preferable. I thought it might have to do withContinue reading “Then and Now!?”

Journey to Healing Pt5 – A few lessons I learnt from the experience

In week 3, I believe, is when I finally received the final bill from the hospital💀 It was a big bill😱. Close to 100k (faints). How I asked? Let me paint you a picture… The surgery was a myomectomy. I was in hospital for 4 days. I had to be put under anaesthesia. I wasContinue reading “Journey to Healing Pt5 – A few lessons I learnt from the experience”